Tres Brujas Elixirs Butterfly Pea 35g

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1x bottle of 35g premium loose tea of Butterfly Pea Flower
    Stored in potion-like pet bottle, packed in hard box
    Sourced from Thailand
    Organic, hand-plucked, dried Butterfly Pea flowers
    Caffeine-free, highly rich in antioxidants
    Promotes aging gracefully
    Supports glowing and healthy skin
    May help in menstruation problems
    Eases stress and brings calmness
    Simply put 3-5 flowers to your cup of hot water like your usual tea
    Steep, and voila! You have your blue elixir to keep you healthy and beautiful
    Enjoy it more by mixing lemon and be surprise with its changing color, or mix it with honey or our Roselle Hibiscus

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