Theo & Brom Goo Goo Jar 240ml

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1) Low-Calorie, Rich flavor.

It’s so rich, you won’t believe it’s only 39 calories per serving. 🤯

2) Less sugar, no preservatives.

Isn’t it time we get more of the real thing? REAL CHOCOLATE made from high-quality cacao, not just artificial stuff that mimics chocolate but are sugar-laden and full of extenders. 😉

3) One Spoonful, Many Possibilities.

With only one spoonful of Tableya Goo, you can:
☕️ Make a heartwarming cup of rich tsokolate
🍩 Elevate your pastries and desserts
🍧 Drizzle or blend into iced drinks or smoothies
🥐 Bake with as a surprise ingredient
🍒 Dip into as Tableya fondue
🥄 Enjoy a pure spoonful
🍨 Create homemade hot fudge sundaes
🍫 Mold into Tableya truffles

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