Sozo Ketofy Dfyage 60s

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A unique and superior oral sunblock with a revolutionary formula.

Made with Astaxanthin, Tremella Fuciformis & L-Glutathione, Dfyage:

  • defends your skin from harmful UV rays
  • fights acne and hydrates
  • protects you from DNA damage
  • erases all signs of aging
  • brightens skin 5x faster than ordinary brands

Reveal supreme radiance.

The synergy of the three ingredients is 6000x better than Vitamin C, making it easy for you to get 4 shades lighter instantly.

Achieve blinding white skin with just a few use.

Dfyage premium oral sunblock+ combines the power of Astaxanthin, Tremella and L-Glutathione for an advanced sun protection that shields you from harmful UV rays and extreme DNA damage.

It creates a layer that protects your skin from the inside out. With this shield, Dfyage can ensure no fine lines, bumps or wrinkles will ever mar your face again. Look 20 years younger with Dfyage.

Kiss your acne goodbye!

  • Our formula fades acne scars, wounds, black & chronic spots easily.
  • Achieve clear skin after 3 days of continuous use.
  • No more dry flaky skin with 2-4 capsules of Dfyage a day.
  • With the help of Tremella. It triggers immediate & lasting moisture that effectively firms skin, enhances elasticity and minimizes the appearance of fine lines.

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