Pastabilities Organic Pasta 340g

Variant: Pastabilities Organic Pasta Sports 340g
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FUN SHAPES KIDS LOVE TO EAT sports shaped pasta that’s easy to make and fun to serve, your kids will gobble them up

HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS our pasta for kids is made with 100% durum wheat and vegetable powders with pieces that are the perfect bite size

MADE THE OLD-WORLD ITALIAN WAY using bronze dies and slow drying, creating a porous texture and more delicious taste

CERTIFIED ORGANIC our naturally vegan organic pasta noodles are Non GMO and made in the USA

FUN PASTA SHAPES FOR EVERYONE from animal shaped pasta, sports, holidays, and more, our shapes are perfect for any occasion and craft projects too

Ingredients:  Organic durum wheat flour

Contains wheat.

Certified by GOA.

12 oz. Box, Serves 4

DINOSAUR: Kids love Dinosaurs!  These bite size Dinosaur noodles are perfect for little hands – they’ll gobble them all up!
Serve healthy and fun meals at the dinner table!

FARM: Adorable cows, chickens, barns, and pigs make up our Organic Farm Pasta.
Farmer Brown has never been so proud!  Serve with any pasta sauce of your liking, or butter and Parmesan work too!

PRINCESS: Organic Princess Pasta?  Why YES! (as we curtsy). Perfect crowns, castles, and princess pasta shapes for the little princess in your life. She’ll love eating a meal worthy of royalty!

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