Ninma Raw Wild Bioactive Forest Honey 250ml

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Straight from the honeycomb and harvested from indigenous medicinal plants, Bioactive Honey is thermally untreated, living honey. It has been suggested by a wide body of research that raw, untreated honey has higher amounts of health-boosting enzymes, nutrients, and antibacterial properties compared to commercial variants.

Our Raw Bioactive Forest Honey is sourced from a special reserve in the deep forests of Negros. We have been working exclusively with the beekeepers, harvesters and biodiversity officers to ensure the quality and integrity of the honey. Each batch goes through meticulous inspection by members of Negros’ Beekeeping Association.

Visiting the mountains of Negros was a very memorable event for our team. We were able to do a nature hike in the forest, where we came into direct contact with all the rare medicinal plants and bonded with beekeepers. There’s so much to learn about our local flora and we are honored to share this beautiful, beloved forest’s nectar with you.

A masterpiece of the flowers and bees, just imagine the amount of vital energy in every drop.

Just Raw Bioactive Honey. No fillers, artificial flavors, or added sugars.

+ According to historical records, humankind has been utilizing honey as a sweetener and medicinal aid for several million years. It’s the world’s most ancient sweetener!

+ Did you know that the oldest jar of honey is 5500 years old? When archaeologists found it, it was still edible. This speaks volumes about the substance and its historical correlation with longevity-- pure, natural and properly preserved honey does not expire.

+ Honey contains nearly 5000 live enzymes, 30 bioactive compounds, and 22 amino acids. Because of its high nutritional value, it’s not just a delicious sweetener. It’s also a functional health food!

+ Honey supports energy levels. It is a slow-burning sugar, which means that it gradually releases fructose into the bloodstream. This makes it an ideal and sustainable carbohydrate source for physical exercise.

+ Raw Bioactive Forest Honey has natural anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Its live enzymes and nutrients help support the digestive and immune systems.

+ Store in a cool, dry place. Open the bottle regularly to release any excess pressure.

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