Naturally Good Company Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse Grain 250g

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Gluten-free | Vegan | Naturally Good Superfood
Product of Pakistan
Net weight : 250 grams & 500 grams
Himalayan pink salt is best known for its beautiful pink color which comes from the presence of trace
minerals and elements. It is unrefined and hand-mined from the heart of the Himalayan Mountains in
Northern Pakistan. Untouched over the last 250 million years, it is considered the purest salt in the
world as it is believed to be free of pollutants and toxins.
Himalayan pink salt is widely consumed as a health food for its numerous benefits. It re-mineralizes our
body with minerals and trace elements essential to our health and well-being.
Benefits of consuming Himalayan pink salt:
1. Has over 80+ trace elements and minerals
Himalayan salt is well-known for its wonderful health benefits because of minerals and trace elements
that it possesses. It has calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, and more!
2. Low in sodium
Himalayan pink salt is great for people looking for a lower sodium alternative to regular table salt. It is
helpful for people on a low-salt diet and with high blood pressure. It also reduces bloating.
3. Less iodine compared to table salt
Himalayan pink salt has less iodine than regular table salt and commercial store-bought iodized salt. The
iodine in Himalayan salt is naturally occurring, not fortified.
4. Prevents muscle cramps
Himalayan pink salt contains potassium that is helpful in preventing muscle cramps and spasms.
5. Natural electrolyte source
Himalayan pink salt contains over 80+ minerals, making it a great natural electrolyte source. It assists in
maintaining electrolyte balance and hydration.
Make Himalayan pink salt your new "go-to" salt. It is a healthier substitute to regular table salt because
this is a natural product, not fortified or chemically-treated. Sprinkle it onto dishes, make it as a body
scrub, use it as a foot soak, and many more!
Our product is all-natural, therefore some clumping might occur over time. This doesn't mean that the
product has already gone bad. No anti-caking or anti-clumping agents were added in our product.

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