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Medela PureLan 100 pure lanolin nipple cream helps relieve sensitive or dry nipples and also helps to form an additional protective barrier over sore or irritated nipples during pregnancy and lactation.

PureLan 100 is protection with pure lanolin

   Medela nipple cream helps relieve and protect nipples with pure lanolin during pregnancy and lactation. It has been tested dermatologically, is hypoallergenic and does not contain fragrances or dyes.

   Medela's PureLan 100 cream helps restore the correct balance of moisture and forms a protective barrier at a time of great demand for your skin.

   If you use PureLan 100 periodically, it will help you soothe and hydrate your nipples and the surrounding skin in the most natural way, so that you feel comfortable and can breastfeed for longer.


   - Contains 100% pure lanolin without additives or artificial preservatives.

It is not necessary to remove it before breastfeeding

   - Hypoallergenic product.

   - Can be used on sensitive or cracked nipples, on dry skin and on sensitive or irritated skin

   - In case of sensitive and reddish nipples, it generates a relief since it prevents the nipple from drying out, maintaining the levels of humidification

   - In case of damaged and reddish nipples, prevents cooling and drying of the nipple by reducing moisture loss and maintaining skin elasticity

   - In case of cracked or raw nipples with or without bleeding and free of infection, maintains an optimal level of moisture in which a new tissue is generated and the nipple is recovered (moist wound healing)

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