Malagos 85% Dark Choco Bar 85g

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This is fine chocolate made from single-origin, quality Trinitario beans grown and processed on our farms in Davao City, Philippines.

85 grams


Winner of four (4) international awards

2018 International Chocolate Awards - World Final SILVER
2018 International Chocolate Awards - Asia Pacific SILVER
2018 Academy of Chocolate SILVER*  
2018 Academy of Chocolate BRONZE  
2017 Academy of Chocolate Commendation

Bar category     *Drinking Chocolate category
Store in a clean, dry, slightly cool, and odorless place like a pantry cabinet  (18° to maximum 22°C). Keep away from heat and light. Do not store in a fridge / refrigerator / chiller as sudden change in temperature will change the appearance of the chocolate (i.e., whitish coating). This phenomenon is called 'bloom' –– the cocoa butter rises to the surface. Chocolates that have 'bloomed' are still edible.

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