JS Health PM + Sleep + Mind Relaxation 30's

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Vitamins to relieve sleeplessness & STAY asleep during the night.
The formula is designed to calm your nerves, support your nervous system, relieve unrest, and give you a relaxing sleep throughout the night.
- Ziziphus: Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to aid mind relaxation, soothe and calm the nerves. Also helps to induce sleep and to decrease, reduce, and relieve sleeplessness.
- Lavender: Decreases, reduces, and relieves disturbed and restless sleep. Also used to calm the mind, and decreases, reduces, and relieves nervous tension, unrest and relieves symptoms of mild anxiety.
- Magnesium: Maintains and supports muscle relaxation and a healthy neuromuscular system and function.

Australian Made. Vegan. Gluten-Free. GMO-Free. Sugar-Free. Nut Free.

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