Jacob's Well Masala Chai Spiced Vanilla

Size: Jacob's Well Masala Chai Spiced Vanilla 1L
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Hand-blended and micro brewed. No preservatives added. Made from whole spices (cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorn, ginger, star anise, vanilla bean, paprika), and assam tea. With raw premium sugar.

Shelf life: 12mos. (no preservatives added)

Calories per serving: 35


-Store in a cool dry place

-Keep away from direct sunlight

-Refrigerate upon opening


-Dose 30-50mL of Jacob's Well Chai Concentrate

-Mix with 150-200mL steamed milk or soy for hot chai latte

-Mix with 150-200mL frothed milk or soy for iced chai latte

-sit back, sip, and nurture the inner child

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