Hummingbird Jam 150g + Gram Coffee Roaster 250g

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Buy 1pc Hummingbird Jam 150g and 1pc Gram Coffee Roaster 250g for only P513, save P57!

1pc any of the following Hummingbird Jam 150g:

  • Hummingbird Mango Jam 150g
  • Hummingbird Strawberry Jam 150g
  • Hummingbird Watermelon Jam 150g
  • Hummingbird Apple Cinnamon Jam 150g
  • Hummingbird Kiwi Jam 150g
  • Hummingbird Calamansi Marmalade 150g
  • Hummingbird Dalandan Marmalade 150g
  • Hummingbird Orange Marmalade 150g
  • Hummingbird Banana Langka Spread 150g

1pc any of the following Gram Coffee Roaster 250g:

  • Gram Coffee Roaster Ethiopia Guji Shakiso Hassan Ware 250g
  • Gram Coffee Roaster Ethiopia Sidamo 250g
  • Gram Coffee Roaster Breakfast Blend 250g
  • Gram Coffee Roaster Brazil Santa Serra 250g

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