Herbs of the Earth Flaxseed Oil+ 100's

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Flaxseed Oil Capsules 1000 mg - Health Heart, Fertility, Weight Loss Aid, Anti - Cancer, Ease Menopause, Reduce Inflammation, Healthy Babies 100 Softgels, For Men and Women

     PLANT BASED TRIPLE FORCE SOURCE OF OMEGA 3 - The best alternative for getting omega 3s essential fatty acids if you don’t consume fish.

    SUPERB SOURCE OF FIBER - Flaxseed oil is one of the best source for getting your daily dosage of fiber.

    Increase the body’s metabolic rate, helping you burn fat

    Reduce the risk for blood clots and improve heart health by lowering triglyceride levels and preventing the arteries from hardening

    Decrease inflammationin the body while omega-6 fats promote it. Increasing omega-3 fat consumption is especially important for those suffering from a chronic disease, as many chronic diseases have an inflammatory element.

    For Women - Help ease mild menopause symptoms during pregnancy, consuming sufficient omega-3 fats is essential for the brain and eye development of a growing baby.

    Flaxseed oil is a great vegetarian option for expectant mothers.

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