Greenola Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 100g

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Hemp seeds are tiny yet they pack a wealth of nutrition. Rich in protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids, they are ideal for snacking as they help stave off hunger pangs, making you full longer. Our certified organic hemp seeds are deshelled so you can instantly enjoy its mellow nutty flavor. Also best sprinkled on smoothies, shakes, cereals, yogurts, baked goods and salads.

Nutritional Value
Plant-based protein, vitamins and minerals, rich in healthy fats

Health Benefits
    Incredibly nutritious
    May reduce risk of heart disease
    May benefit skin disorders
    Great source of plant-based protein
    May reduce symptoms of PMS and menopause
    May aid digestion

Suggested Uses
    Sprinkled over salad, cereal or yogurt
    Adding the seeds to smoothies or other beverages
    Homemade Hemp butter
    Energy bites
    Oatmeal and other baking goods

Store in cool dark and dry place (<15℃)

Storage Life: 18 Months

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