Greenola Dried Blueberries 100g

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Load up on phytonutrients, which is responsible for giving the body’s immune system a healthy boost, with our mildly sweetened, dried blueberries imported from the United States. Mix them in cereals and salads, or use them as an ingredient to give your cakes and muffins a citrusy kick. They can also be enjoyed straight from the bag.

Nutritional Value
Fiber, Rich in Vitamin K, High in nutrients, Low in sodium, Low in calories

Health Benefits
    King of antioxidants foods
    Helps fight against aging
    Controls blood sugar
    Helps prevent heart disease
    Lowers blood pressure
    Improves memory

Suggested Uses
Smoothies, oatmeal, pancakes, pudding, toppings, salads or yogurts, baked goods, smoothie bowls

Store in cool dark and dry place

Storage Life: 6-12 Months

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