Greenday Kids 5 Colors Crispy Fruit & Veggie 46g

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Crispy Strawberry
It's so addictive! The absolute best Crispy Strawberry that will make you crave for more. Treat your taste buds to a perfectly natural sweet and sour you'll ever sink your teeth into!

Pumpkin Chips
Have you tried these babies? They will surprise you! Pumpkin Chips gives you the feeling of the real fries or wedges you have been craving for, for a long time. Pumpkin chips are nutritious and tasty. They are similar in taste to sweet potato chips and an excellent alternative to potato chips.

Beetroot Chips
The absolute best Beetroot Chips you'll ever try! Beetroot Chips just an amazing alternative to traditional potatoes, it's more colorful, delicious, and extremely crispy with "a real snap to it". If you are a lover of all things crispy and healthy, you'll love these beet chips.

Okra Chips
This is what you've been dreaming of! Crispy, unique, and delicious, these crunchy okra chips are fried (Vaccum Fried) until light and crunchy.

Crispy Banana
If you like bananas, you just might like banana chips. They are deliciously sweet and crispy, and perfect for snacking on to satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning. These crunchy, satisfying snacks made from banana and will keep your hands away from the potato chips and your waistline happy.

Perfect for a parent with 12 months baby and above.

• Made in Thailand
• Pack size: 46g
• Halal Certified
• Ingredient: Crispy Strawberry, Crispy Banana, Pumpkin, Okra, Beetroot
• Process: Vaccum-Fried & Freeze-Dried

Storage: Store in a cool dry place and air-tight container for optimum produce freshness.

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