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Good Goût - It’s good to grow up!
From 6 months old - Organic -50% whole-wheat flour, 30% rice flour, 20% whole oat flour, just the right amount of vitamin B1 – and nothing else!

Tasty and Organic! Our story began with the exciting challenge of bringing back taste to our babies’ plates!
It is because we know the importance of the first two years of life in acquiring food preferences that we suggest that you initiate the budding palate of your babies from an early age. Each

Good Goût cereal recipe is made using selected, identifiable flours that are featured, with no frills, and most often wholegrain, so that our babies can gently discover the texture, goodness, and authen- tic flavours of good cereals.

Ingredients: 50% organic whole-wheat flour (gluten), 30% organic rice flour, 20% organic whole oat flour (gluten), vitamin B1. Free of sugar. Why a soft sachet? Easy to open, pour, and then close again, this sealed sachet means all the nutrition- al qualities of the cereals can be conserved even after opening.

Our “Oats Wheat Rice” mix offers a perfect balance between the mildness of the rice and the more pronounced flavours of the wholegrain wheat and oats for gradually discovering these cereals. Carefully selected, with no added sugar, our cereals are cooked gently so as to retain all their fla- vour. And the cherry on the cake is that we use mainly wholegrain cereals, high in fibre.

Attention: Close sachet carefully after use. Store in a cool, dry place up to 4 weeks after opening.

Warning: Do not leave children under 36 months unsupervised with the cap!

Nutritional Values(per 100g): Energy 374kcal/ 1583KJ, Fat 2.8g of which Saturated
0.5g, Carbohydrate 72.7g of which Sugar 0.5g, Fiber 7g, Proteins 11g, Sodium 0.008g.

Product of France.

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