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Good Goût has (finally) incredible desserts! It’s brand new, and of course it’s still organic!

And yes, we have imagined vegetable, gourmet and organic dessert recipes, which make babies’ little taste buds travel from an early age. Real desserts to do like the grown-ups and gently and with originality deepen food diversification!

Why is this Good Gourde of vegetable dessert so good?

Because it is the extraordinary combination of the texture of a flan, with the sweetness of oat milk and the sweetness of cocoa and banana. All without lactose or milk proteins!

Because in this gourd there is only good and organic: none of our ingredients have been mistreated by pesticides, GMOs or other chemical fertilizers during their cultivation.

Because it’s not one but 4 Good Gourdes of our Flan made from oat milk, Cocoa and Banana, which will finally delight babies’ daily lives!
Good Goût makes a whole range of delicious organic products for babies and infants: small dishes, vegetable purées, fruit pouches, dairy desserts, cereals, biscuits and mini-cakes. Recipes that are just like home-made, created by parents for other parents! From our fruit purées to our healthy, balanced snacks, all our ingredients are 100% wholesome and organic and our lists of ingredients are very short with no weird ingredients. Our mission is to awaken babies’ and infants’ tastes, from the start of weaning onto solid food to the afternoon snack at school, by helping them discover the real taste of good fruits and vegetables! Enjoy the discovery, everyone!

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