Elite Labs Mass Muscle Gainer Double Rich Chocolate 20 lbs. with Not Just Stacker 2 Weight Gainer Mix Double Dutch Chocolate 529g

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Elite Labs USA Mass Muscle Gainer Double Rich Chocolate is the biggest mass gainer in the World! When's the last time you thought to yourself, "I'd like to bust my butt in the gym, struggle to eat enough food, and not gain a single pound of muscle?" That would be never, right? Of course! And that's exactly why if you're a hardgainer struggling to eat enough calories and build the insane size you want, you need to get on Mass Muscle Gainer Double Rich Chocolate today.

Pound-for-pound...and there are 20 big ones inside. Mass Muscle Gainer is the best value, highest quality, and biggest weight gainer in the World. Every serving is packed with 1,000 + mass building calories, 60 grams of premium time-released protein, over 44 grams of amino acids, over 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate and BCAAs, over 27 grams of Glycine, Platinum CarboClean carbohydrates, and so much more. Elite Labs USA Mass Muscle Gainer will help you increase muscle gain in a rapid rate.

Mass Muscle Gainer Double Rich Chocolate Features:

    Rapidly refuels muscles
    Increases and sustains energy
    Promotes faster growth
    Discourages fat gain
    5 g BCAAs
    44 g amino acids
    1,000 calories per serving
    60 g protein
    174 g Platinum CarboClean carbs
    Ideal for bodybuiliding competitors

Not Just Stacker 2 Weight Gainer Mix Double Dutch Chocolate 529g
Our line of Stacker 2 products are the ideal supplements to add to your diet. For instance, Stacker 2 Max Mass will have you gaining weight quickly. When you consume an extra 500 calories per day, you should gain a pound of muscle per week. As you gain weight, the healthiest type of weight to put on is lean muscles mass. By drinking our Stacker 2 protein shakes, you are helping your body produce lean muscle weight.

Increase muscle growth with supplements that agree with your body. If you feel like you cannot eat any more whole foods, in order to gain mass, then you need to consider a more efficient method of gaining muscle weight. In essence, a good mass-gaining supplement almost always comes in the form of a shake. Instead of eating whole foods such as chicken, veggies, and rice, replace that meal with a shake. In between your three meals a day, shakes with fruits and protein powder are much better options.

In order to see results, you will have to notice a steady progression during your workout. It is important to change your repetition range every four to six weeks to avoid muscle-building plateaus. Additionally, changing the repetition range will force your body to adapt to the new stress on your muscles, in turn causing you to gain weight in the form of muscle.

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