Circulan 60 Soft Capsules

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Circulan, #NasaDugoLangYan

Circulan 4 in 1 is a food supplement containing extracts from four potent herbs that work together to promote proper blood circulation. The herbal extracts include hawthorne berry, gingko biloba, garlic oil and lemon balm. Together, they promote a healthier heart, healthier skin, shaper memory and reduces stress.

Circulan 4 in 1 has been scientifically and clinically tested for more than 10 years in Korea.

Circulan 4 in 1 is manufactured by Dong-A Pharmaceutical, the second largest pharmaceutical company in Korea. Circulan 4 in 1 is also approved by the Philippine FDA.


    Hawthorn Berry [for a healthy heart]
    Ginkgo Biloba [for the arteries]
    Garlic Oil [for blood]
    Lemon Balm [for the nerves]

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