Christmas Gift Pack 2500

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This Christmas Gift Pack is a perfect present for your loved ones this holiday season!

What's inside:

  • Oatly (original/ chocolate/ barista) 1 liter
  • Arabica Japan Arabica Blend 300 grams
  • Hummingbird Fruit Jam Assorted Flavor 150g
  • Auro Chocolate 100g
  • The Superfood Coconola 200g
  • Master Chef Himalayan Salt
  • Herbilogy Plant Extract Powder (any Variant)
  • Better Snacks Crunchy Mushroom 80g
  • 7 Grains Shiratake Noodles
  • Wheyl Nutrition Whey Protein/ BCAA (assorted flavors)
  • Take Root Banana Chewies
  • Green Stevia
  • Simple Foods Dried Cranberries/ Apricots
  • Health Aid Bifina premium Japanese Probiotics S30

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