Best of the Bone Bone Broth Italian Herbs & Garlic 375g

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Grass-fed Australian beef, slow-cooked broth gelatin. 40%
collagen protein and rich in amino acids & essential fatty acids.

Are the Best of the Bone Broth products a powder? No. Best of the Bone
is an actual bone broth gelatine that has been slow cooked for 50+ hours
maximizing nutrient extraction from grass-fed leg bone.

KETO, FODMAPS-friendly, GAPS and Paleo-diet recommended. Best of the
Bone is rich in marrow. All our herb and spice additives are certified

Heals digestive health: inflammatory bowel, colitis, acid reflux and
leaky gut. Strengthens immunity; Increasing skin elasticity & reducing
wrinkles; Strengthens bones (fights degenerative bone diseases) and joint
health including arthritic conditions.

Certified organic ingredients include garlic, basil, marjoram, onion and more.  The lovely taste of the basil and garlic are the first thing you'll notice and the powerful health benefits of the bone broth and organic herbs are well worth a daily broth, soup or sauce using Best of the Bone with Organic Italian Herbs and Garlic.  This is the richest broth in marrow - with a long list of health benefits related to hormones, essential fatty acids and preferred by chefs for rich soups and sauces.

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