Bebest Kids Tofu Snack Original 20g

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Brown Rice, Tofu, Chickpeas, and Lentils for our children‟s snack – rich in vegan protein ◈ Not fried, made with Heat and Pressure and can be enjoyed plainly flavor
◈ Crispy but not hard texture, it melts in children‟s mouths easily, even for children who taste it for the first time!
◈ Clean with little dust, and it is conveniently packaged in a triple material zipper bag, anytime and anywhere!
◈ Finger food! which helps the finger exercise! Children pick up the food directly, eat to their mouth themselves, practice children‟s muscle exercise, suck by their mouth, helps the growth of the brain.
Bebest “Kids Tofu Snack” taste as well as health and helps to exercise the new taste and flavor!

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