Ascof Syrup Strawberry 300mg 120ml

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Indications / Uses
Relief of cough due to common colds & flu. Treatment of bronchospasm in acute bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis & other bronchopulmonary disorders. Relief of reversible, mild to moderate bronchospasm (prophylactic/maintenance medication) in adults & children w/ obstructive airway disease.

Dosage / Direction for Use
Adult 300-600 mg (5-10 mL) 1-2 tsp thrice daily-four times daily. Children 15 mg/kg/dose thrice daily, >40 kg 2 tsp thrice daily, 6-12 yr (20-40 kg) 1? tsp thrice daily, 4-6 yr (15.5-20 kg) 1 tsp thrice daily, 2-4 yr (10-15.5 kg) ? tsp thrice daily.

May be taken with or without food: Take before or after meals.

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