Appeton Weight Gain Adult 450g

Flavor: Appeton Weight Gain Adult Chocolate 450g
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Gain Supplement
Milk formula
Higher metabolism rate compare to others
Combination and sufficient amount of calories from carbohydrate
Contains carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and high protein
Promotes growth and bone
Made in France

With L-ProteMAX
    L-ProteMAX consists of L-Lysine, L-Arginine and Glutamic Acid.
    L-Arginine stimulates the growth hormone to increast lean mass.
    L-Lysine increases le an body mass growth.

    This triggers weight gain due to increase in lean mass! A healthy way to put on the pounds!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Has a high PER of 3.1 for a more efficient weight gain
    PER is a measurement of proteins ability to increase body weight. FDA standard for PER value is 2.5. The higher the PER, the greater the ability to increase body weight. Appeton Weight Gain has a high PER value 3.1.

Easily digested and absorbed (Good Bioavailabilty)
    Appeton Weight Gain contains whey protein. Whey Protein contain amino acids that are more easily digested and absorbed.

Contains the right amount of amino acids
    Appeton Weight Gain contains the right and specific amount of amino acids needed for tissue growth.

Increases weight gain gradually
    Eating high fat food for instant weigh gain may compromise your health. It could increase your levels of bad cholesterol and glucose.
    With Appeton Weight Gain, it is a gradual weight gain without any side effects! It is important to take time to put on weight so that your body can adjust progressively.

SERVING AND PREPARATION:ADULTSAdd 40g-50g (3 ½ - 4 scoops) to 300ml of warm water.Drink 2 – 3 times daily, one hour after each meal.Important to maintain normal diet pattern.

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