Tres Brujas Elixirs Dried Lemon 35g

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1x bottle of 35g premium dried sliced lemons
    Stored in potion-like pet bottle, packed in hard box
    Sourced sustainably and ethically from Southeast Asian countries
    Organic, dried well
    Immunity booster
    Adds up taste to your tisanes or tea
    Simply put 2-3 slices to your cup of Butterfly Pea or Roselle Hibiscusand let it infuse for 3-4 minutes
    You can make refreshing iced tea together with dried lemons
    Keep the bottle tightly closed
    Store away in your cupboard, away from direct light
    Avoid moisture and keep in room temperature
    Put away your used lemons & tea properly
    Re-use pet bottles and kraft boxes in your kitchen, hanging garden or home-office space

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