Malagos Premium Unsweetened Gift Can 200g

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Awarded the 9th time at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate in London, UK. This recognition honors all the hardworking farmers in the country. 

Now in easy-melt hexagon disks! Pure and all natural. Authentic 100% pure chocolate (also known as 'tablea') that's proudly Filipino! This is unsweetened chocolate in its purest form from cacao beans grown and processed on our farms in Davao City, Philippines.  Vegan and keto friendly.  A great gift idea for any occasion🎁.

200 grams


Chocolate-based drinks, chocolate porridge (champorado), confections / baked goods , ice cream, chocolate sauce, etc. 

For a quick, comforting cup of hot chocolate, heat one cup of milk in a small saucepan over low heat. Add 20-30 grams of our award-winning 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate (tablea), stirring constantly until it is completely melted. Continue stirring and simmer gently for about three minutes. The mixture will thicken—take care that it does not boil over. Pour into a cup ☕️, add your preferred sweetener, and serve immediately.

This is the 9th award received by Malagos 100% Pure Unsweetened Chocolate. 

2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards BRONZE
2018 Great Taste  2-STAR 
2018 Great Taste  1-STAR* 
2018 Academy of Chocolate  BRONZE
2017 Great Taste  1-STAR 
2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards  SILVER 
2016 Great Taste  2-STAR 
2016 Academy of Chocolate Awards  SILVER 
2015 Academy of Chocolate Awards  BRONZE 

Drinking Chocolate category     *Bar category

Store in a clean, dry, slightly cool, and odorless place like a pantry cabinet  (18° to maximum 22°C). Keep away from heat and light. Do not store in a fridge / refrigerator / chiller as sudden change in temperature will change the appearance of the chocolate (i.e., whitish coating). This phenomenon is called 'bloom' –– the cocoa butter rises to the surface. Chocolates that have 'bloomed' are still edible.

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